New Workshop Venue

Hi, here's a "Shout Out" to everyone. I'm looking for a new workshop venue. In the UK, preferably with accommodation for workshops that are longer than 1 day. As well as a comfortable and beautiful indoor workspace large enough for 20 to 30 people there needs to be access to grounds, woodland where we can work outside and also have fire for ceremony. I'm based in the West Midlands, so, ideally within an hour of Worcester would be good. But I'm open to all ideas.

Thank you in advance for your help

Much love

Joe xx

[email protected]

Working from home

Do you work from home?

I do a lot. I love the freedom and flexibility that this gives me. Not just having a home office but also seeing my clients at home. I do have a therapy space about 20 minutes drive from home, but for me, working from home works well and my clients seem to agree too.

Mind you, I have noticed that I've been spending more and more time on my laptop building this website to replace the old one, working with new learning and stumbling in the dark sometimes. So while I work from home, I'm actually staying indoors as much as if I worked in an office.

But we're making progress. The new online calendar that syncs fabulously with my laptop calendar is now fully working. So, as soon as I agree dates for all future workshops shaman village festivals and group journeys you'll be able to view them online straight away. That bit I like. Making complicated living simple.

And as the fabulous Organic Peruvian coffee from Machu Pichu is now all well and truly gone, its back to good old tea with soya milk. I find the Alpro Wholebean milk is quite good. But much as I love a cup of tea, it's not coffee. Time to plan the dates for the next groups to Peru I think and refill my coffee jar.

Working from home as a Shaman

Fresh Coffee from the valley beneath Machu Pichu

So today marks the day that my supply of Organic hand ground, hand picked coffee from Peru ran out……. This lovely coffee has all the taste and no harsh edge that you often get with strong coffee. I brought back two small bags of coffee from Peru last June when I returned from 5 weeks working with two different sacred journey groups. The coffee comes from the Biological gardens at Mandor Falls. A beautiful oasis at the beginning of the cloud forest, beneath Machu Pichu.

Erwin who manages the gardens as well as Mama Angelica, the cafe and guest house, had promised me that he would save me a little coffee as only growing a small amount they do sometimes run out and last year all their guests had drunk the coffee before we arrived. In fact when I returned in May with our first group this year, once again they were out of coffee. But when we returned he had plenty. Erwin had even bagged up some of the coffee for those of us who wanted to bring some home.

Well, all I can say is thank you Erwin, and I look forward to returning to see you, the gardens and Mandor Falls next May and June.

You can find out more about Mandor Falls by visiting their website:
The gardens and waterfalls there are beautiful and we visit each time we are in Sacred Valley to share ceremony with our Shaman(s)

Working from home as a Shaman

Watching the ripples on wind blown grasses

So, this weekend was a welcome get away from home. For months and months I feel like I have been travelling. Peru, Greece, Romania, workshops here in the UK, UK festivals. It has been a fabulous and nourishing experience but after 5 weeks in Peru with two separate journey groups in April/May/June and the rest of the programme it's felt long over due to have a bit of a rest.

Well, many of you will have seen my beautiful blue VW LT35 camper van conversion at festivals and workshops, so you'll already know that its always packed and ready to go. Which was great, as on Saturday we jumped in the van and headed for the Elan valley.

Now, I've never stayed in the Elan valley before, and I only just abut remember visiting it, or passing through may years ago, even though it was always just a turn off the main road every time I headed for Aberystwyth when I lived in South East Wales. So, after 2 hours of gentle and enjoyable driving we arrived at the top of the Elan valley and began a leisurely drive along side the reservoirs until we reached the beautiful, small and quiet Tyllwyd campsite, right beside a beautiful little river that one day makes its way to the sea.

Sometimes its only when we take the step to get out of the house, out of the town, into the open that we realise how nourishing and rewarding it is to sit in a field, watching the grasses blow in the fields around us and listening to the laughing of the water as it flows by.

We live in extraordinary times, with great opportunities, and also sometimes great challenges. Drawing in all the resources that we need to help us make the shifts and changes we are called to do on our personal healing journeys is essential to helping ourselves to make these shifts and changes, this personal healing and growth a sweet process.

The Astrology of these weeks all speak of times of change, everything is up for renegotiation, everything seems to be malleable and up for transformation. So, maybe now really is the time to go sit on the ground, in a field, under a tree; and feel the heart beat of the earth pulsing through you as you send down deep roots to ground you and draw from the sun above you to bring warmth and abundance into your life