Sacred Vision ~ Sandra Page

Soul Retrieval painting by Sandra Lynne Page

It's been my pleasure today to spend a few hours updating, upgrading and adding to a website for a very special friend, Shaman and Soul Sister, Sandra Page.

There will be more to add over the next weeks I expect as Sandra fills in the details of her workshop programme for the coming year and beyond. But for now, please pop over and have a look, maybe 'click' the like button too to help her to share her work.

You might especially like to look at her
'Soul Art' page.

Sandra is a dear friend of mine and also a practitioner with great gifts to share with those who work with her. You might like to look her up.......

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Stepping into the Medicine Wheel

Welcome to the Way of the Shaman. The Spirit of the Inca Medicine Wheel in Greece 2017

Opening my Mesa at the Plant Medicine Spirit Shrine of Natural Path in Athens

These last few days I have been getting myself and everything else that I need to bring to the new medicine wheel 'South' class in Evia next week ready. And while looking ahead to what will be a fabulous and deep journey I have also been reflecting on our journey together last year. And as I have been doing so I have been reflecting on the contributions of everyone who was part of our medicine wheel group last year. As well as the group as a whole who stepped in so fully and held support for each other so beautifully, and with so much love. I would like to thank Fotini and Valeria who contributed so much with their continuous translation of all that was said during each part of the programme, as well as stepping into their own work, their own personal journey. They have also provided a legacy of translated notes that will be available to each of you who join us this year. Thank you both so much.

And also to extend my gratitude, thanks and so much love to Oti and Sandra who provided me with so much support and assistance during the year. Stepping in to do demonstrations, supporting the students, as well as me. And bringing their own deep personal wisdom and healing gifts that we all benefitted from. Thank you both so much.

The medicine wheel really is a 'deepening' journey. Each module takes us deeper, revealing more layers. And also each year takes us deeper. Revealing that which we were not prepared or willing to see in the previous year. This is one of the reasons why people return each year. In our cultures in the West, we see 'repeating' as an indication of failure. However, in this tradition it is an indication of wanting to go 'Deeper!' Accepting the challenge of change and the challenge of our 'ego' that often whispers to us to stay small, and stay as we are. It tries to tell us that it is the rest of the world, or other people who need to change. And maybe they do, but if we do not change, if we do not step into the challenge of our own personal work, then actually, the world doesn't change at all.

It's primary purpose is to help us to bring balance, harmony and healing into our own lives. As well as teaching you the traditions and Shamanic Energy Medicine and Healing tools of the Incas. It always shows us the places where balance and harmony do not exist in our lives, so that we can work them and shift, sweetly and easily. That is the beauty of this work, and this tradition. That these shifts and changes can be sweet and easy, unlike walking the rough road with cobbles and stones under our feet that we may have known in the past. Picking off each old layer, one scale of our skin at a time, as is so often the way of counselling and psychotherapy. We don't have to shed our past and our old stories in this way anymore. The shifts and changes we have strived for, for so long in our lives, but never held close enough to feel can really be ours to own and embody, and hold close to our heart can be ours easily. The path of the Shaman will always challenge us and ask us, "Are you serious about change?" "Are you wiling to commit to change and to be all that you really can be?" And it also always provides us with the resources that we need to be able to say "YES!"

Change always challenges us, especially our 'ego' which has done such a good job for so long of keeping us safe, but also keeping us small.

My job, is not just to get my teaching notes ready, but to do my personal work so that I am not hooked by my old stories or anyone else. So that I can be able to meet you in whatever way you appear, with whatever life stories that you bring. So that together we can heal and release the past that we know. And step into a future so amazing that not only do we not know it, we probably don't believe in it. There are no 'guru's' in this tradition. This is a path that relies on a lineage to support you, a reservoir of ancient teachings and a tradition. Of course, someone needs to point the way to begin with or to share the secret that change is possible and real. But eventually we all need to step into our own power and hold our own light.

Here's the secret that I would like to share with you, just in case you do not know it already. We don't believe in it now. We haven't believed in it in the past. But there is a future where we are already living it. Where we are living the life that corresponds to the highest and most fulfilling version of ourselves that is possible. And when the journey of the medicine wheel takes us to the place where we can connect with this, then we begin to do what we do because of who we are becoming, instead of because of the past or who we have been.

So this is my invitation to you to come and join us this year, starting next week, in Evia, East of Athens at our retreat space beside the sea.

Come and be the change that you want to see in the world.

I look forward to meeting you and being your guide on this incredible journey

With much love

Joe Molloy

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The hotel where we are studying the medicine wheel in Greece

Heaven and Earth

Do we bring heaven down to Earth or raise ourselves and the Earth up to Heaven

Our job, in every way. Is to bring Heaven down to Earth.

Of course. To do this we must also sometimes raise Earth, ourselves, up to the vibration of Heaven or find the place to meet in the middle.

This isn't any kind of mysterious practice. It's not some curious or strange route to a guru in a loin cloth.

All we need to do, is to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

So. It's a simple thing to do. Just ask yourself, is this what you are doing? And if not, then what would you really rather do?

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A Bee day!

Feeding the bees. This tired Bee came inside my home for a drink and some food

If you see a bee walking it's because they are tired, their wings 'give out' This little fella was walking outside so I brought him in and gave him a drink of sugar water in the little dip on top of plastic food any. Easy to do, anyone can do it. Be a friend to a bee today With love

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