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Intensive Plant Medicine Retreats in the Jungle of Peru with our Plant Spirit Shaman Javier Zavala Lopez

8 Day intensive Plant Medicine Retreat in the Jungle:

You will find more details especially for the Jungle and Plant Spirit Medicine Retreats here, on our companion page:

These are opportunities to experience the power of the plant spirit medicines of the Peruvian jungle and the traditional ‘Dieta,’ the plant spirit medicine ceremonies and programmes that take place at Hampichicuy, our retreat centre in the jungle area at Tarapoto.

We offer these retreats for those who are interested in exploring and experiencing a deeper connection with the traditional plant medicines of the jungle.

Supported by the group leaders and by the team at the retreat centre you will be offered the opportunity to follow the traditional 'dieta' programme of plant medicines. These retreats will appeal to people with a particular interest in the traditional plant medicines of the jungle, and who wish to take both their understanding of how the plant medicines work together and their personal experience of working with them deeper.

We aim to ensure to the best of our abilities that the small groups that we take are well balanced and well held.

Javier Zavala writes this for us:

“DIETAS are deep experiences of Personal Healing, expansion of consciousness, deeper energy cleansing and greater self-knowledge. All of which also allows for learning to prepare for the next process or level. It allows a much more intimate connection with the master plants of the Peruvian jungle and the land. This process takes much longer. It can help you decide whether or not you have the ability to learn to CURE from the Amazon concept or point of view. That is to say if your path is aimed at helping others in your healing or your way is rather Heal yourself. (Understanding that to heal others you have to heal yourself first.)   To start with the Dietas it is recommended to begin with a Dieta of 5 days, in an 8 day seminar. It is more prudent and more practical at all levels. The longer 7-day Dietas, within a 15-day seminar, are for more experienced people and can follow as part of the programme in the future.’  
Please also note the following information from Hampichicuy and add to the advice you receive from your family doctor before travelling;
- In Tarapoto there is no Malaria, but it is a Dengue zone. It is also recommended to vaccinate against Yellow Fever for prevention, maximum 10 days before coming to Tarapoto. It is also recommended to take Vitamin B or COMPLEX B for one month before coming. In all cases we recommend that you seek advice and guidance from your own GP or family doctor in addition to any advice we provide. - Please bring and use only natural insect/mosquito repellents, toothpaste, soaps, deodorants, shampoos, etc. Natural products interfere less with the work of the plant spirit medicines.”

For the 8 days (intensive retreats) our work together we will remain at the centre under Javier's expert guidance. These retreats are especially for people who wish to take an intensive journey with the native plant medicines of the jungle.

We invite all applicants to have a short chat either face to face or by Skype as part of your application to join the group. This will help you and us to ensure that this is the right group for you and that you are in the best place to make the most of participating in the retreat. There are also some simple health questionnaires to complete.

All participants in all our international retreats and journeys are required to have current travel and health insurance.

Please contact us for further details so we can tell you more about the retreat and what you can expect at Hampichicuy.

You will find more details especially for the Jungle and Plant Spirit Medicine Retreats here, on our companion page:

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