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A little bit about me ~

Joe Molloy ~ Shaman and Shamanic Practitioner

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A practitioners' and shamanic teachers' view of things

Welcome! My name is Joe Molloy. I live and work as a Shaman, a Shamanic Practitioner and Healer in the UK and across Europe with individuals and groups.

I have always wondered about the world, about the stars, about life, about where we, I, come from, and also where I, we, are going. I've not always found answers, sometimes just more questions. But I have always been curious to discover more. This is what brought me to living and working as a Shaman, this is what has changed and grown my life immeasurably. I've discovered how learning to fit in as a child served me well until I was a grown man. How I outgrew but was unable to easily let go of many of my past ways of seeing the world and my place in it, and how shamanic healing, it's focus and perspective have helped me transform and grow through these things easily.

As a ceremonial shaman I help to re 'create' the connections in our lives that we may feel we have lost. Through Healing Ceremony and by marking rites of passage including births, marriages, changes of life and death. Helping to make the transitions in our lives fruitful and sweet rather than difficult or characterised with pain.

I offer a workshop and training programme that will support you to live differently. Teaching you the 'Way of the Shaman' if you wish, so that you can bring balance and harmony into your life, and the lives of others.

As a teacher of the Traditions, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing Tools of the Inca's I organise and lead group journeys to Peru; Lake Titikaka and Sacred Valley each year and offer Plant Spirit Medicine retreats in the Peruvian jungle with authentic, traditionally trained Shaman.

This has been so much of my journey with the teachings and traditions of the Incas, the Way of the Shaman from Peru. And it is so much of what I share with you if you join me for healing sessions, workshops, the training programme and the group journeys in Peru and India

These beautiful teachings and practices are gifts that I hold in trust for you. They have changed my life and the lives of so many other people too. Working at the level that we create our problems will never solve them. We go to the next level. We work at the energetic level with spirit. Dipping our fingers gently in the waters of life that flow carrying our stories, so we can create new ones for the future.

If your curiosity calls you, please get in touch. Come and have a chat or join one of my one day workshops introducing shamanism and shamanic healing. Join the year long "Way of the Shaman" programme and experience a year of powerful transformation and change. Or perhaps you hear the call to journey with us in Peru with the shaman of our lineage who take us on an amazing 'inner' and 'outer' journey.

With much love


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