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A little bit about me ~

Joe Molloy ~ Shamanic Practitioner

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A practitioners' and shamanic teachers' view of things

Welcome! My name is Joe Molloy. I work as a Shaman, a Shamanic Practitioner in the UK and across Europe on a 1:1 basis with individuals and also with groups offering Shamanic Healing and also ceremonies to help us to re create the connections in our lives that we often feel we have lost. Marking rites of passage including births, marriages, changes of life and death so that we can more easily embrace change and get the gifts of our journeys through life rather than just reliving our old stories over and over. I am also a teacher of the Traditions, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing Tools of the Inca's and organise and lead group journeys to Peru; Lake Titikaka and Sacred Valley each year. I also organise and offer Plant Spirit Medicine retreats in the Peruvian jungle.

Ever since I can remember I have wondered about the world, about the stars, about life, about where we really come from, and also where we are going. As I write these words and look back through my life now, I remember that I always had questions that the people around me seemed unable or unprepared to answer. I was curious, I had more questions than answers and I was frustrated that there seemed no one equipped to help me. As many young people do, I closed the door on the religion of my family and parents, I stepped tentatively outside of the way of living I had been brought up to follow and I began to explore life!

While a lot of things that I learnt when I was young helped me to fit in I realised that as a map to the territory of life, I had run out of useful information. There was no room left within to grow. And I needed space to grow. I had reached the edge of my map. The edge of the explained and understood world within the frames that my family and friends knew it. I was stepping off the edge of the world into what? I did not know. As all great explorers of the world within ourselves as well as the world around us do I stepped slowly off the edge of the known world and into the possible (or maybe the impossible), rather than the probable.

I can chart the times the universe gave me a 'nudge' too. Sometimes uncomfortably, especially if I was resisting my own change, but also sometimes sweetly. From my teen years I started to explore different music, different philosophies, different ways of living. Yoga, Chinese medicine, reiki, Tai Chi, so many things. Sometimes, at the time, each new thing felt like it was "IT!" And then sometime later I seemed to move on. It has only been more recently that I have begun to see more how life is a journey. And also that at every single point on the journey any future is possible by making different choices, in some way everything has significance and importance, but it is all just a part of the journey and the story we create. But these choices in most of our lives are informed by what we have done already, and so often they simply create a next step that is very similar to the past. I found myself asking "How do we really choose a different future?"

For many years I wondered if shamanism could hold the key to answering some of my questions, but for a long time finding a path or tradition that I connected with felt out of reach. North American shamanism is very accessible in the West but it didn't call me. Celtic shamanism seemed popular in the land in which I lived but it seemed to lack a lineage or living roots for me. Sometimes we have to wait for time and space to align I think. In a way that seemed 'almost by accident' a friend connected me with the traditions of the Incas and Shamanism from Peru. Of course, all the reasons why I couldn't do the courses and training came up for me straight away. No money, not enough time off work, all these things. All the reasons why not. And yet there was also a reason why yes. It took me to the place of loosing my job and at the same time getting a small windfall of cash that I could use to live on for 6 months and I said 'yes' and stepped in to the way of the shaman and the traditions, teachings and training of the Incas. So far I have never looked back and regretted my decisions. It has been an amazing journey of self discover and healing, of travel all over the world. And it continues to amaze and surprise me even today. And my life has changed, it is completely different to how it was and I guess, also, how it would have been without a few little jumps.

No one successful ever succeeds without first taking a 'jump.' This is something that I have heard.

We do not know what we are jumping into of course, if we did we would probably realise that it is far too scary or far too awesome and amazing to do. Jumping into a future that seems impossible rather than the probable one that we're expecting just isn't something that we are educated to do.

Where the map of our world has run out and we need a new one, first we have to let go and jump. We've have been educated to expect sometimes when we do this that we might fall. And when we fall we expect to get hurt. Our parents, peers, teachers and friends all caution us to be 'careful.' Yet without jumping nothing happens.

What I have learned is that there does not need to be so much risk of falling, or loss, or having to let go or change our jobs, family ties, relationships. The change happens first and quite naturally within ourselves. Then the outer world changes to come into balance with us. Of course, some of the times that I have done this, especially in what I like to think of as 'the earlier years' I carried too much momentum, I hadn't done so much of my personal healing or balancing work as I had thought, so I carried a load of baggage. And when I tried to shift direction, choose a new future, jump timelines. The momentum of the baggage I was still carrying caused me to de-rail myself and my lfe. Just like a train taking a bend too fast I fell off the track and lost all that I was carrying. Sometimes this was just a little loss, sometimes it meant finding myself on a different path than my family, my children, my partners, my jobs and home. Learning how to make those shifts easily without having to let go of anything else. Just changing myself rather than changing the world, but knowing that the world will change in its own way and time anyway, has helped me walk a much sweeter and easier path.

When we invest in ourselves the whole world around us changes.

I have this idea that we do not need to do all this work alone. Indigenous peoples say that time does not fly like an arrow. It is like a circle or a spiral. And while we may find ourselves to be here and now our past and our futures all also exist as points and places on that spiral or circle. So, if all our possible futures already exist, just one step in front of us, maybe they can hear us and we can hear them, just like hearing the voices of people in front or behind us in a queue, or in the room next door. So what would it be like if we could follow the sound of the voice of the most amazing version of ourself in the future, living the most amazing life possible for us in this lifetime. So that we didn't have to take the long road and make the mistakes that we learned from, but could go more directly and more quickly by a short cut, because a version of ourself has already done it all already?

When we open to aligning with a new future, with new possibilities we begin to be informed not by the past but by something else. It is no longer what we have done that pushes us forwards. Now it is our future that calls us. But a future not informed by our past. When we reduce the momentum created by past beliefs, stories and experiences that always get us turning left not right in our lives whenever we have to make a choice then we are free to answer the call of our future selves. The most amazing future possible within this lifetime. And this is the Way of the Shaman.

The voice of this future self calls to us because it knows that for it to exist as the choice we make we need to wake up and answer that call now. To listen to what we need to be doing now, because of what we are already doing in the future. Confused already? It took me a while to understand too. And know that as you read this your mind will be arguing with you. What we do can be because of what we will be doing, not what we have done. Our future self speaks across time to tell us already how we have solved the problems ahead of us. Because for our future self, we have already done this. But now we need try only the most successful way to do so. We do not need to fall when we jump because, from the place of the future, we already know how to fly.

This has been so much of my journey with the teachings and traditions of the Incas, the Way of the Shaman from Peru. And it is so much of what I share with you if you join me for healing sessions, workshops, the training programme and the group journeys in Peru and India

These beautiful teachings and practices are gifts that I would like to share with you. They have changed my life and the lives of so many other people too. Working at the level that we create our problems will never solve them. We go to the next level. Working at the energetic level with spirit we dip our fingers gently in the water that flows, carrying the story of our life. Making the water clear without creating massive waves of change. So that from the level of the energetic we create new beliefs, include new possibilities, sourcing from the future where anything can be possible. Seeking not to limit ourselves or to hold other people as limited or stuck. We let these new stories that form from the pool of potential and possibility become new stories and beliefs about ourselves and we can experience this so much more easily through ceremony, music, dance, art, fire and connection with the natural world.

So, if your curiosity calls you, get in touch. Come and have a chat or join one of our one day workshops introducing shamanism and shamanic healing. Or join our year long programme and experience a year of powerful transformation and change. Or maybe you feel the call to do this journey with us in Peru with the shaman of our lineage who take us on both an inner and an outer journey.

With much love


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