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The Way of The Shaman ~ The Medicine Wheel
Training for life

The medicine wheel is a 4 part programme. Informed and structured around the teachings and traditions of the Shaman of the Incas, the Royal House of the Sun, the Shaman that we still work with in Peru today. This is a journey of personal healing, balance and discovery were you will learn and practice the traditional healing tools that have been taught and handed from one person to another for thousands of years.

It is training for life. Not just the life that you know now, but the more amazing one that is waiting for you to step into.

To support you on your journey you will also receive the traditional lineage healing rites of the shaman.

The journey around the medicine wheel takes us through 4 stages, 4 directions where we work with the energies and perspectives, perceptual states traditionally known as; Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle.

We begin to see with new eyes the way we see the world and how our journeys and life experience has led us to collect old baggage that we no longer need and no longer serves or helps us. We learn to shed our past just as the serpent sheds it skin to grow, We make visible and reveal the hidden stories, beliefs and scripts that we use to make sense of our lives and let go of those that no limit us, creating new, more useful myths and beliefs to live by. From the place of Hummingbird we begin to open to change, to creating a world that is new and not informed by the past but by something else, maybe the voice of the future, a future where we are living the most amazing life possible, or maybe it is the voice of our soul's journey that calls to us. From the East we see the completion of our journey of discovery and healing. Perhaps preparing to go deeper the next year, but certainly stepping in to the place of being creator of the world around us and within ourselves.

Many people undertake the journey of the medicine wheel just for their own healing and balance. Some know from the beginning that they want to walk the path of the Shaman and develop a practice that offers Shamanic Healing Sessions to others, some decide along the way. By the completion of the 4 modules you will have the knowledge, experience and training that you need to practice as a Shaman and begin to offer Shamanic Healing to others.

The programme is available in Greece and the UK, with plans to extend to Hungary and Slovenia in the next few years. Please see the links to the right of this page. I'm currently looking for a new home for our UK based workshops (September 2017) and details of the new programme in the UK for 2018 will be available from this Autumn.

This is your invitation, come and join us.

I look forward to hearing from you and taking the next steps on our journeys together. Please contact me for more details.

The workshops are presented in English with translation where the programme is outside of the UK

Much love


Here are a couple of the testimonials from two of the "Way of the Shaman" group in Greece in 2017. I hope you enjoy them. You can view more on our YouTube channel

Εδώ είναι μερικές από τις μαρτυρίες από δύο της «Δρόμος του Σαμάνος» ομάδα στην Ελλάδα το 2017. Ελπίζω να τις απολαύσετε. Μπορείτε να δείτε περισσότερα στο κανάλι μας στο YouTube

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