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Introducing the Way of the Shaman
Join us for one of our one day Workshops, "Introducing the Way of the Shaman."

Our upcoming dates for this workshop are currently:

May 6th 2017

October 28th 2017


February 17th 2018

We will explore The Way of the Shaman through the eyes of the Inca traditions. Including approaches to Shamanic Healing, the traditional lineage rites and the Munay Ki, and the Medicine Wheel.

The cost for each workshop is £80. With a light lunch and refreshments included

We will explore the cosmology of the Incas and how their ancient prophecies help to give structure to the shifts and changes we are experiencing today.

If you are interested in Shamanism and want to know more this will be ideal for you. Also it's a great introduction to the Way of the Shaman training programme if you think you might be interested or feel called to explore this.

The day will be practical and you will come away not just with new knowledge and information but with practical Shamanic Healing skills.

The Qero were the shaman of the Inca’s, the Royal House of the Sun, and their teachings and practices stem from an unbroken lineage that has been preserved for generations irrespective of the colonisation of South America by Europeans. 500 years ago the Qero left the ancient cities of the Incas to live in the high plateau, alti plano, so that they could keep their practice of living in harmony with the land alive until the time was right for them to return to share their knowledge and traditions with a world that was open to welcoming them.

The workshop is be led by me, Joe Molloy. I am a Shaman, Shamanic Practitioner. Healer and teacher of the energy medicine, traditions and healing practices of the Incas.