Munay Ki ~ rites of love and power

The Munay Ki are comprised of 9 rites. 9 energetic empowerments traditionally given during the lifetime of a shaman as part of their training and personal journey. Munay is a Quechuan word and means 'love.' Ki is a Japanese word that means power. So, the Munay Ki are the rites of 'Love and Power.' In harmony and balance with each other.

We live in times of great change, great challenge and great potential, and we no longer have time to wait to be ready. The times 'of the future' that the ancient calendars and the teachings and stories of ancient indigenous people speak of are no longer the time of the future, they are the time we are living now.

The Munay Ki are the traditional lineage rites of Shaman from the Andes and Peru, in a contemporary format. They have been prepared in this way so that they are simpler to understand and to give and receive as Western people. And also because we don't generally have the time and resources to learn and receive them in the 'old' way, living and working alongside a mentor for years, waiting until the time was 'right' to receive the next empowerment, the next gift on our journey. That time is now!

This is important because our Westernised minds see and experience the world we live in in a different way to most indigenous people. And yet we need many of the same things. In one way, Shamanism is just another word for living in balance. The Munay Ki help us to do that. To live in balance in a world that is itself seeking to come into balance. A world that is changing. Today the rites are given up front, before we are ready for them and before we have earned them, because we need their power and support to help us to 'be ready.' To be ready for the next step in our lives and in our personal and collective evolution. In fact, that is what the Munay Ki do. They help to bring healing and balance into our lives and our relationships with the world and all around us.

The nine rites begin with the four foundation rites, these are technical rites that give us practices and energetic healing tools that allow us to bring ourselves into balance with our immediate lives and environment. The next three rites bring us into balance with the masculine and feminine within us, and around us. They begin to heal old wounds from this and from previous lifetimes. They empower us to become caretakers of the land, the mountains and of the whole world.The remaining two rites take us beyond what we know. Downloading new information into our luminous energy field, upgrading our DNA, overwriting old stories and patterns with new possibilities, so that our relationship with ill~ness, dis~ease and even death begins to change. We age differently, we die differently, we begin to evolve within this lifetime into the luminous beings that it is said we, as a race, are evolving into hundreds or thousands of years from now. For us, it begins now, we no longer have to wait for was we need. We become responsible for being co~creators of the universe within and also around us.

These rites are given person to person, in beautiful and simple ceremony. I offer workshops through the year and also at some summer festivals throughout the UK and from our home and other venues both giving and teaching how to give the Munay Ki rites.

You will be able to access more information and download the pdf documents and videos here soon too. In the meantime please contact us for details of workshops and also the January Munay Ki Programme in Goa.

Every January we invite you to join us in gorgeous sunny Goa, India where we teach these beautiful rites

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