Join us in Peru this April and May 2018
for the Journey of a lifetime

Sacred Valley, Sacred Peru and Lake Titikaka the Sea at the top of the world.

with Jorge Luis Delgado,

our Qero Shaman Elders

and Joe Molloy.

Including the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Machu Pichu, Moray, Pisac and Cusco

Trek to Apu (mt) Salcantay

Lake Titikaka and Amantani Island

Camping on Umayo Island

Cutimbo, Silustani, Amaru Muru the Gateway of the Gods

and so much more!

(also you can add our additional Jungle retreat prior to the Sacred Valley journey)

Welcome to Peru ~ the Land of the Children of the Sun!

Sacred Group Journey in Peru through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and overland to Lake Titikaka and the islands of the lake

April 23rd to May 7th 2018

We have created your itinerary to provide the best experience that we can and also quality and comfort at every stage of your journey so that you get to rest, relax and enjoy your journey with us in Peru, getting the most that you can from your experience. Yes, we will spend our days out walking in the hills and across the landscape of the Inca people, but in the evenings you will relax in beautiful and comfortable hotels provided for us by our partners on this journey, Taypikala Hotels and Kontiki Tours.

Our journey together is divided into two parts. Our journey in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and then after travelling across the Alti Plano we have our journey at Lake Titikaka. Your international flight will land you in Lima and we advise that you arrive the night before we fly together, or meet in Cusco. From Cusco we travel together as a group.

From day 5 we are joined by Shaman and guide extraordinaire Jorge Luis Delgado who will share with us the depths of his Andean wisdom and steer us through a landscape not just of hills and mountains but of the stories of the ancient peoples of these lands and the visitors from the stars who are said to have waked alongside the Andean people in ancient times, teaching and guiding them.

Day 1 ~ 23rd April

On arrival in Cusco we will be met by our Shaman' and by our guide who will accompany us as we travel on our private group bus to Huyapo lake near Chincheros where we will have ceremony with our shaman, opening the door to our journey together and helping us to 'release' all that could get in the way of us having deep and enjoyable personal journeys together. In the evening after we have settled into our accommodation at the beautiful Taypikala Urubamba hotel we will have fire ceremony with our Shaman'.

We will have ceremony together with our shaman' each day, out in the landscape receiving the traditional lineage rites that will help to bring us into balance with world around and within ourselves (known in their contemporary format as the Munay Ki). Balancing and healing old wounds so that we can release old stories that no longer help us to grow or become the people that we really came 'here' to be. There will be time to share together as a group each day, time to explore together or on our own and plenty of time to rest or enjoy ourselves as needed.

Day 2

We travel together to Moray and receive the rites of the Pampamesayouk, the 'Day Keepers' rites. Balancing the energies and the aspects of the feminine within each of us. Bringing each of us into balance and harmony, "ayni" with the Pachamama. On most days in Sacred Valley we will begin our ceremonies with our Qero shaman' with a despacho, a traditional and beautiful ceremony that you will become familiar with and be able to learn how to create for yourselves in the future.

Day 3

Today we travel together on our private group bus to Pisac where we will visit the ancient temple sites and then at a suitable location as close to the main site as possible we will share in the Altomesayok ceremony with our shaman. Calling on the energies of the Wisdom Keepers, the Spirits of the High mountains, and balancing the energies of the masculine within each of us. In the afternoon their will be time to explore the fabulous and colourful market in the centre of Pisac, returning to our hotel in Urubamba afterwards.

Day 4

Our fourth day together brings us to the beautiful Tambo or Inca resting place of the town of Ollantay. Ollantaytambo is home to spectacular Inca monastery ruins. Giant hand carved stones that fit seamlessly together and have resisted earthquakes that would have seen modern buildings topple. After exploring the monastery and Ollantay market we take the train together and travel down the Urubamba valley following the course of the valley and the river until we reach the town of Aguas Callientes where we stay for two nights.

Day 5

Today we are joined by our much loved friend, shaman and guide Jorge Luis Delgado who remains with us for the rest of the journey in Sacred Valley and also for all of our journey at Lake Titikaka.

From our hotel in Aguas Callientes, a bustling market town with its own thermal baths and hot springs, we walk along the Urubamba river to Mandor Falls an date beginning of the Cloud Forest that further down river becomes the Amazon jungle. Venturing into the "Jardin de Mandor" we approach the beautiful Mandor Falls. Surrounded by lush jungle, pineapples growing between the coffee bean plants that dress the path we walk along, we have a cleansing ceremony with our shaman at the waterfalls and celebrate the Kourak Akouyak Carpi in ceremony together. Preparing ourselves for the following day when we will enter the Crystal City of Machu Pichu. Walking back we may be treated to the sight of fireflies that gather along the route in the evening as the sun begins to set

Day 6

Today we are up early, before the sun, so that we can catch the early mini busses up to Machu Pichu city, ready to watch the sun rise as we stand at Inti Waitana, the 'hitching post of the sun' from where it rises behind the ring of mountains that surround this most special and ancient place of energy, celebrated by the Incas, and thousands of people since then. We will have time to explore the city together as a group and later on your own as you wish before returning by minibus to Aguas Callientes where we catch our evening train together and return to Urubamba.

Day 7

Leaving the beautiful Taypikala Urubamba hotel for the last time we travel inner private bus to Cusco, ancient home and city of the Incas. After our long day at Machu Pichu yesterday, today we have amore restful day and an opportunity to explore the city and the San Pedro and Shamans street markets, or you can explore or rest as you feel you wish to. Cusco has so much to offer both as a modern city and as a cultural heritage legacy. A restful day wandering or shopping will lead to our day trek tomorrow to (mt) Apu Salcantay.

Day 8

Salcantay is one of the sacred mountains of the Inca people. It is also the highest mountain in the Vilcabamba mountain range. You'll be glad you brought those good walking boots today as we make this day trek together. This is also our last day in Sacred Valley and our last day with our Qero Shaman elders. An opportunity to say thank you for the journey and the healing and learning we have shared with them before we head overland tomorrow towards Lake Titikaka.

Day 9

Today we say farewell to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and head overland in our private bus, across the Alti Plano, the high planes. As usual Jorge Luis will be our guide as we make this journey. It is a long drive and we make several comfort stops. But also we pause en-route to visit several interesting places. In Andahuailillas we stop to visit a very special and unique museum. Next to the church of St Pedro the Apostle we visit a museum that is home to many relics, including ancient carved stones that you will recognise if you practice forms of energy healing such as Reiki. However these stones date further back in time than the introduction of reiki to the world in the ate 1800's. Also there are many skulls, some have been reportedly analysed and found to contain non human DNA. These skulls are elongated and while some appear to be mimics, others seem perhaps to have other origins. There are many stories of extra terrestrial visitors to the Lake Titikaka area in particular, and so our journey with these stories really begins. Also we stop to explore the beautiful red sandstone Tonjani Canyon with it's ancient burial sites and the beautiful Pakarina cave. Home to powerful feminine energies. We arrive in the evening at Taypikala Lago hotel in Chucuito on the shores of Lake Titikaka.

Day 10

Our first day at the lake sees us first exploring the temple of fertility at Chucuito before taking our bus to Puno and boarding our private motor launch that will take us across the lake to the island of Amantani. The island is on the same ley line that travels through Mount Shasta and is home to many stories including one that relates to a subterranean passage that it is said led underground to an etheric tunnel that connects with other similar passages. There are certainly stories on the island of both people and animals that have wandered into the tunnel before it was closed off, and simply disappeared! Amantani is also home to beautiful ancient temples to the Mother Earth an date Father Earth, Pachamama and Pachatata. Here on the top of the island we have ceremony as the sun sets over the lake, the sea at the top of the world. For this night we stay in the adobe homes of the islanders. The island families are very friendly and welcoming. It is usually a very refreshing and often humbling experience to be welcomed into their homes.

Day 11

After a further exploration of parts of the island we say goodbye to Amantani and head across the lake once again, stopping at the Uros islands. The floating reed islands of the lake. Here we get a taste of 'floating island life!' And then take a short journey over the waters on one of the island peoples reed canoes. Returning to Puno where our bus awaits us we head inland to Cutimbo. A mysterious looking 'mesa' shaped mountain in the middle of a vast dry canyon that would once have held water or been connected to Lake Titikaka itself thousands of years ago before the land rose after the last ice age. On the way to the top of Cutimbo is an ancient Neolithic cave which contains the cave drawings, paintings of the people who once lived and hunted here. At the top of Cutimbo are many curiously carved stones. Some represent figures that appear to be not quite human and not quite animal. And several Chulpas. These Chulpas, or towers are places that priests of ancient traditions would have held ceremony to help 'release' heavy energies, fears, doubts, fear of death even. We encounter similar structures on our visits over the next few days. From Cutimbo we return to our hotel beside the lake for a restful evening.

Day 12

Today we travel inland once again. This time to the inland island of Umayo. Umayo is surrounded by a lake that separates it from Silustani. Both are places where there have been reports of 'UFO' type activity for many, many years. Travelling light we are ferried across the lake to the island where we will camp on its shores for one night. After exploring the island in the afternoon we head up to the top of this flat topped island and wait for the sun to set. I will not guarantee what we will see here. An etheric starship? It is said they come here and the island features on many Science Channel programmes. Certainly there seem to be many 'orbs' here that show up in photographs take after dark. The island is home to wild Vicuña. These are the smallest of the lama/cameloid family. They are very timid and rarely come close. But if you have the opportunity to stroke one you will discover the softest of fur coats imaginable. All of our camping equipment is provided, and our tents are erected for us by the team who accompany us.

Day 13

Following what I hope will be a good nights sleep on the island we return to the mainland and Silustani. Taking time to explore the chulpas and to create ceremony together here before returning to the hotel to rest and relax.

Day 14

Our last full day always comes too quickly, even after two full weeks together. Today we travel to Molloco where we are able to enter the chulpas and now to 'release' anything that is left from our journeys. From Molloco we visit the 'Bebedero del Inca,' the drinking place of the Incas. The early Spanish conquerors thought this was so named because the Inca people became here to drink Chicha, a home made alcoholic brew. But he truth behind the name is that they came here to drink 'light,' 'illya!' The Inca people called themselves the children of the sun. The sustained themselves not just with food and regular drink, but through their initiations that connected them to the energies of the sun (star) beyond the sun. The source of creation as they related to it. During our journeys Jorge Luis will share many of these solar practices with us. From the Bebedero del Inca we walk over the 'Pumas back' and on across the landscape to the House of Light, Wilka Uta. Now also know as Amaru Muru, the Gateway of the Gods as it is said that it was here that the star beings known as Amara and Amaru returned to the place of origin. Here we have sth opportunity to have ceremony and to connect with the energies of the sacred site. Taking it in turns to stand in the central altar and the two stone channels either side. From Amaru Muru we return to the hotel for our last evening and our last fire ceremony of the journey together.

Day 15 ~ May 7th

Today we say goodbye to Lake Titikaka, at least for this time. And journey together to Juliaca airport where the flights you have booked back to Lima will be waiting. Unless you are planning further adventures in Peru we will travel together on the same plane back to lima ready for international flights in the evening.

There are many other aspects and details of the journey that we will share, some after we are in contact together and others as we travel through Peru together. I hope that what I have shared so far has fuelled your interest and lit the spark that will encourage you to say "YES" and to join us.

These journeys are really life enhancing, life changing. We offer them because we love to share this journey with you as well as making this journey each year ourselves.

For more details please do get in contact.

Any extra details that you need to support you in preparing for your journey can be provided after we receive your booking so that all you need to do is book your flights, pack your bags and show up.


Here is the pricing for the group journey in April/May 2018

The total cost of the journey that you pay to us is £2400

A deposit of £500 secures your place and is payable as soon as you want to say "YES!" to joining us for the journey of a lifetime. We will advise you how to pay and when to pay the remainder of the fee when we accept you booking and start to make arrangements for you.

The accommodation for the group is arranged on a shared room basis based. A number of single rooms will be available for the whole journey with the exception of the nights when we are camping and staying in the homes of the island people on Amantani, when it may not be possible to arrange single accommodation. A single room supplement of $480 USD would be payable for this option, providing this does not leave a group member who is happy to share in a position where they cannot do so.

We advise that you arrange your international flights to arrive in Lima on April 22nd so that we can all arrive in Cusco by plane on the morning of April 23rd and then begin our journey together. Of course, if you arrive earlier you can just meet us at the airport by arrangement. We will end our group journey together at Juliaca airport (but can still travel together of course) just before mid day on May 7th in time for flights to Lima in the afternoon so that you will be able to meet your international flights from Lima on the evening of May 7th.

Included in the costs are: All accommodation during the group journey and transfers as a group from and to the airport at the beginning and end of the journey. All transport by group bus each day, trains tickets to and from Aguas Callientes for Machu Pichu, all entry tickets to Machu Pichu and the Sacred Sites where required. Motor launch at Lake Titikaka. All camping equipment for our stay on Umayo island, except sleeping bags (You are welcome to bring your own or we can hire these for you at a cost of $20). All meals are provided on a half board basis with breakfast at the hotel and then a picnic or mixed lunch as we will be out in the landscape each day. All of the expenses paid to our Shaman' except 1:1 sessions that you may book with them. You are of course also welcome to tip them if you wish.

Please note that your deposit of £500 secures your place but is non refundable. In the unfortunate event that you might need to cancel we may be able to transfer your place to another person at your request though there may be an administrative charge for doing this. However, we hope that having said "YES" to coming, nothing will stand in your way.

Not included in the costs are: Individual healing sessions with the Shaman (about $50 each time if you wish to have the experience); Domestic and International flight tickets and airport taxes ( We will advise you which flights to get from Lima so that we travel together and also returning to Lima from Juliaca at the end of the group journey) Evening meals are not included in the costs but are available in all of the hotels as you may choose, or in local restaurants when we stay in Cusco and Aguas Callientes.

Additional entry tickets to Wayna Pichu mountain may be available through advance booking, when we visit Machu Pichu. Availability of these is limited and we will need to know as early as possible to try to get these for you if you wish to climb the mountain for the most amazing views.

Tips, snacks and personal spending, shopping money is not included.

The itinerary is delivered on the understanding that on occasions it may be necessary to make some alternate plans if unexpected conditions arise that prevent the safe and enjoyable delivery of the planned programme, such as extreme weather.

Passports and Visa's. It is possible to gain an entry visa on arrival in Peru. There is no extra charge for this and all that is required is to complete a simple form in-flight before landing in Lima. Please check your passport expiry date. Peruvian authorities prefer that you have at least 6 months left on your passport when entering the country even though we will only be staying a few weeks.

For more details and a brochure please contact me, Joe Molloy

The Ancient Inca Crystal City of Machu Pichu

Sharing a Despaho Ceremony with our Qero and Andean Shaman at Pisac

Creating an Altar with our Shamanic Mesas, Medicine Bundles