Join us this October 2018 for the Journey that is a real inner and outer Voyage of self discover, relaxation, renewal and release.

We sail aboard our Luxury Yacht through some of the most beautiful coastline and islands that the Mediterranean has to offer. Relaxing and enjoying all the facilities of the Yacht and stepping into Shamanic practice and Ceremony for part of each day on board ship or on the beautiful islands that we visit each day.

For more information please read on.

Welcome to your Shamanic 'Journey' aboard our luxury Yacht

Welcome this is our journey together.

On board and ashore of the Turkish Turquoise cruise.

29th September to 6th October 2018

This is our invitation to you to join us this year for a voyage that takes you not just on a journey around the beautiful islands, inlets and peninsulas of the Turkish coastline, but also on a journey of personal relaxation, release and self discovery.

Aboard our yacht everything is provided for us by our crew, all our needs are anticipated and taken care of, leaving us free to relax and to release. And what will we have to release? Well, our past experiences of working with people, in groups, in these ways are that you will be able to describe yourself as successful in many ways in your life, but perhaps have reached a ‘glass ceiling’ either in your work, or possibly in your relationships with others or with yourself and your ‘life’s journey.’

These ‘glass ceilings’ often appear as obstacles to us. Things that we just can’t seem to push through or work around. And yet, within them are often the gifts that we need in order to step forward into immeasurably greater and happier lives where we can be more successful in every aspect of the way that we live.

While cruising on our yacht through some of the most beautiful landscapes that the Mediterranean has to offer we will have space each day to dive deep into ourselves, just as we dive into the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, and enjoy an amazing inner journey of self release and discovery supported by ceremony and healing practices from the traditions of the Incas.

Ceremony helps us to access a different way of seeing the world we live in. It works with a different part of the brain to the ones we usually rely on to manage day to day activity. It calms the mind and allows us to imagine different possibilities instead of focusing on what we might see as being more 'probable.'

Through our week together we will step each day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening into a ceremonial space.

Working with the elements of the world that surround us on our journey together. The Sea, the sky and air, the sun, the earth and spirit, the flame that ignites our passion for life and for living.
We begin together as a group, setting our intention for all that we wish to receive and experience and benefit from through our journey together and giving our gratitude, in advance of receiving.

Casting our 'prayers for life' onto the ocean as we set sail together on our first morning.

Each day we will use simple and beautiful ceremony to deepen our expression of gratitude for all that we value in our lives. Making ‘sand paintings’ on the beaches that we visit so that when we leave they will be received by and washed into the sea.

Connecting with the luminous energies of the sun each day and recognising as the ‘Children of the Sun,’ the ancient peoples of the Incas did, that each of us is a unique and individual expression of this beautiful light. We will also create beautiful Inca despacho ceremonies that hold our wishes for the future and our expressions of gratitude. For unless we express the gratitude for all we have then there is no room left to receive greater things in our lives.

Where circumstances permit we will have fire ceremony on the beaches. Dancing, singing, releasing and feeding the seeds of possibility within ourselves with the power and life of the fires we light together.

To allow your imagination to light the spark that helps you find your voice to say ‘Yes!’ and join us we’re leaving a few of the details out here. But as you will want to know all about the actual journey aboard ship too, where we will go and what we will see, we’ve detailed the itinerary here for you.

Come and say yes! This is our invitation to you to join us. Your place is waiting for you.

Your group leaders throughout the programme will be;

Joe Molloy, Shaman, Healer, Teacher and Practitioner of the Energy Medicine of the Incas
Mateja Maya Rotar, (Your 1 line description goes here too )

Our itinerary:

Day 1 - Saturday, September 29th (We board our luxury at the Gocek marina)

Welcome and arrival aboard our yacht is at 18.00 at the marina in Gocek. The Gocek marina is located just 22 km from the Dalaman Airport. We will arrange group transport from the airport, however if you have booked a flight that arrives later you will need to take a taxi from the airport to the marina. Please let us know if this is the case for you and we will provide the details for you to give to your taxi driver.

We hope that you will be joining us from the first evening so that we can begin with dinner together onboard ship. It is a requirement though that you are on ship before 10.00am on day 2 as we will be setting sail from the marina at 12.00 mid-day.

Immediately on arrival aboard ship we will show you to your cabins so that you can settle in. Dinner on the first evening will be served at 20:00 which will be our first opportunity to come together. On our first night aboard ship we will sleep anchored in the marina beside the beautiful village of Gocek.

Day 2 - Sunday, September 30th (Gocek - Manastir Bay - Domuz island - Aga Limani Bay)

After breakfast we set sail, our first stop on the fairy tale Archipelago of Gocek will be Manastir Bay. This beautiful bay is always very popular with all fans of unspoiled nature and rich history, striking a note in our hearts that is so often un awakened by the everyday places we find ourselves living in.

The beautiful turquoise sea, lush vegetation and picturesque ruins of ancient Cleopatra's bathing place will take your breath away. After lunch together and an opportunity to drink in the beauty of the bay, we sail to Domuz island. Here we enjoy afternoon tea and later sail to the beautiful bay of Aga Limani, located outside the archipelago where we drop anchor for the night.

Day 3 - Monday, October 1st (Aga Limani Bay - Prnaz Bay - Kaputas Beach - Hidayet Bay - Kas)

We set sail early this morning as we have a four hour sailing journey to reach Prnaz Bay, which is located near Kalkan. So, as you wake you will feel the gentle movement of the yacht as she cuts through the waves.

Prnaz Bay is an area that is still quite wild and which is almost certainly not suitable for anchoring due to constant winds. But it makes for a bracing start to the day. Our voyage becomes especially interesting as we finish cutting across the bay when we pass the Yedi Burun, known in ancient times as Hiera Akra (Holy Nose). Seven valleys (Ghost heads) that head inland, each one seemingly ‘cut off’ at the sea. And between each one a different coloured valley of trees and lush vegetation.

The end of our early morning journey brings us to Prnaz bay and the 18 km long sandy beach of Patara. Here we take breakfast, a little later than usual. But there will be plenty of time to get into the water and swim. Our plan is to travel and explore the path from the beach to nearby Kaputas, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in this area.

After arriving and exploring a little at Kaputas we return to the yacht and sail for about an hour to Hidayet bay where we will stop while lunch is prepared and served. This is another truly beautiful bay and very close to Kaša, which is very popular among divers due to its rich underwater flora and fauna.

Here we have plenty of time to rest or enjoy other activities. We are also very likely to see large turtles, kareto, here, so as always, remember your cameras and note books for journaling and sketching if you wish.

If you wish it will be possible to explore the surroundings with kayaks in the afternoon and for any who would like to do so we can organise a dive with a diving instructor (at additional cost).

Following afternoon tea we will sail to Kaš, probably the most beautiful town on our cruise. We moor in the town marina tonight so you will be able to wander through the town of Kaš at your leisure. We remain moored in the marina until morning.

The atmosphere in this Turkish Active Tourism Centre is very special, with much lively local music and also usually a lot of rock music. If you have been missing opportunities to browse and shop then tonight is your night too with many interesting boutique stores to call in or just peer into.

Day 4 - Tuesday, October 2 (Kaš - Inuni Bay - Karoloz Bay - Gokkaya - Simena)

After breakfast we will leave Kaš and head towards the Kekovo archipelago where after a short stopover for swimming in Inuni Bay before lunch we sail to the most beautiful bay on the entire cruise, Karoloz bay. The locals here call this "lizard's bay" due to its shape rather than any local reptile inhabitants.

After Kekova island we travel through the very fragmented area of ​​Gokkaya until we reach ancient Simena, with its dominant medieval mansion, numerous art sarcophagi and more than 500 year old olive trees. We will be able to visit this ancient village, accessible only by the sea.

We anchor for our overnight stay, once more in the middle of an idyllic unspoilt sea.

Day 5 - Wednesday, October 3 (Simena - sunken city - Ufakdere Bay - Prnaz Bay)

The breakfast this morning is followed by a tour of the sunken city, which we will be able to admire from our yacht, then we continue the voyage to the Ufakdere bay. Here in a peaceful and unspoilt natural environment there will be plenty of time to swim, various other recreational and relaxing activities and of course a good lunch.

After lunch we continue all the way to the Pirnaz bay. This will be a beautiful two hours long journey on our yacht, plenty of time to stretch out on deck and relax. We will anchor here in the afternoon and stay overnight. Pirnaz is a wide bay where there are some smaller, completely uninhabited beaches, perfect for further relaxation.

Day 6 - Thursday, October 4 (Pirnaz Bay - Metuljev Valley - Olu Deniz Beach - Gemiler Island)

We set sail again early this morning, as our plan is to enjoy breakfast in the Valley of Butterflies which will take us on a three hour sailing journey past Patara and the area of ​​Yedi Burun (Seven Churches).

Providing that the sea is not too wavy, there is always a good chance here for us to meet dolphins, which are often our competitors in this area.

The Butterfly Valley has for many years been regarded as a kind of cult location for travellers from all over the world, and is known for its beautiful beach and relaxed atmosphere among the very high walls surrounding this fabulous bay.

From Butterfly Valley we continue onwards towards Olu Deniz where we have lunch. This is also one of the most famous beaches in Turkey, and is especially beautiful in this part of the season, also the usual crowds, which are typical in the summer, will have long gone. Late in the afternoon we anchor along the Miklavž islet at Gemiler. We will see many Byzantine remains as we pass by and also one of the most beautiful sunsets Turkey can offer.

Day 7 - Friday, October 5 ( Islet Gemiler - Turunč bay - Fethiye)

Our last full day aboard ship is a very relaxing one. Following breakfast we sail for about an hour to the beautiful and remote Turunč bay. Here in the beautiful and peaceful, un-spoilt bay we will relax and enjoy, reflect and integrate until late afternoon. When as usual we take afternoon tea together.

Endings are as important as beginnings, and as we will have acknowledged together on our journey, we have so often lost the connection with our rites of passage out of experiences, not just into them. In fact we cannot begin something new in our lives without saying thank you and goodbye to what we leave behind us. So today is a day to honour and share what we have learned, experienced and take from our journey together,

Following afternoon tea, we continue our journey to our final destination and port of call, the small town of Fethiye, where we spend our last night together onboard ship. In the best possible way we hope this will round off the whole story of our journey together, opening the door for our new journeys to come.

Day 8 - Saturday, October 6 (disembarking from the yacht at the Fethiye marina)

Our Departure from the yacht is scheduled for 10.00am. After a long and full breakfast, which is the tradition aboard the yacht we say farewell and begin our journeys home from Fethiye.

The nearest airport to Fethiye is the Dalaman airport which is about 50 km from the marina in Fethiye.

Please note:

We aim to provide the highest standards possible throughout our journey together. Gifting you the opportunity for a beautiful and relaxing journey as well as a deep personal journey of renewal and self discovery.

The program is extremely rich, providing for a dream holiday in itself, but it is the contribution that each of us brings that really creates the added value that will make this a completely memorable journey.

While we have planned for all expected eventualities our guiding the rule at all times will be that the decisions of the Captain of our vessel will always be given highest, especially in the event of strong wind or heavy weather forecasts. If necessary the Captain may adjust the previously agreed cruise program to the changing situations at any time for the health and safety of all.


Here is the pricing for the group journey

The total cost of the journey, including all meals provided aboard ship is € (tbc 26/4/18)
To reserve your place you need to pay your deposit of €300 now.

Your deposit secures your place, the journey as a whole is based on all places being filled so we will hold your deposit as refundable to you at this time in the case of places not being filled.

Once we have all places filled we will contact you to confirm that we are going ahead, at which point your deposit is no longer refundable by us, and we will write to you by email to confirm the dates that you need to make your remainder payment by.

Additional activities, such as Scuba diving are available during the journey at an additional cost. All these details will be made available should you be interested in taking part, once we gather together on ship.

Please note that your deposit secures your place but is non refundable. In the unfortunate event that you might need to cancel we may be able to transfer your place to another person at your request though there may be an administrative charge for doing this. However, we hope that having said "YES" to coming, nothing will stand in your way.

The itinerary is delivered on the understanding that on occasions it may be necessary to make some alternate plans if unexpected conditions arise that prevent the safe and enjoyable delivery of the planned programme, such as extreme weather.

Flights, personal spending money and tips are not included.

For more details and a brochure please contact me, Joe Molloy

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