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Shamanic Healing with Joe Molloy

Shamanic Healing with Joe Molloy


I am a shamanic practitioner. A practitioner of the energy medicine of the Incas.

I follow an ancient tradition, a tradition that I feel nourishes me from without and from within. A tradition that encompasses a lineage of medicine men and women that stretches back through time.

Shamanic healing is about bringing things into balance, into right relationship. It is more about getting the gifts from our journey through life than trying to fix something that we imagine is broken. It is about making the journey possible to becoming the most amazing version of ourselves possible in this lifetime.

What calls you to search for something more, to seek what is missing in your life?

When did you stop dancing, singing the song of your life?

I offer distance and face to face sessions,  as well as fire ceremony, despacho work, energetic house and space clearing and more.

I also offer a number of workshops through the year in addition to teaching as part of the ‘Spirit of the Inca’ programme.


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