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Welcome to Mesa Medicine, the Shamanic Energy Medicine and Healing tools of the Inca's.

My name is Joe Molloy and I am a Shaman based in the UK. I work across Europe offering the Medicine Wheel programme in the UK and in Greece. Across Europe I am part of the Spirit of the Inca teaching team.

As a Shaman I offer a range of shamanic healing opportunities, both for face to face clients and by phone or Skype for distance work, anywhere in the world that you are located. Each year I also organise and lead group journeys to Peru and India, including The Munay Ki, Sacred Journey Groups, Plant Medicine Jungle Retreats and The Healing Tools of the Shaman. In Peru we work with the Shaman of this lineage, the Qero.

In Peru our journeys take us on what we call "Journeys Home to the Heart." Soul journeys. Exploring the landscape of the ancient power places of the Inca's, the Children of the Sun, each day with our Shaman.

For the Sacred Valley portions of our journey these usually will be Don Francisco Chura Flores and Porfirio Chino Sequeiros Pinares.

At Lake Titikaka we are joined by Jorge Luis Delgado and for our Jungle retreats we are guided by our Shaman Javier Zavala Lopez.
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In India each year we hold a retreat on the beautiful sun blessed beaches of North Goa where we step into the beautiful traditions of the Munay Ki. The lineage rites of the 'Royal House of the Sun.' The energetic healing empowerments of the Inca's.

I also have a personal Shamanic Healing practice for individuals.

Please contact me for details of how to arrange your sessions, face to face, by phone and also Skype.

Join us in Goa each January for the 9 rites of the Munay Ki